India has been hit by the second wave of Covid, which has also resulted in a mental health crisis. Many have lost family members, friends and maybe even recovered from the virus themselves, and are feeling vulnerable. So if you, like others, need someone to talk to, here is a list of certified professionals who are providing help online. 

1. Therapize India

From anxiety support groups to helping you find the therapist that works for you, their informative website will pave the way for you to get the right guidance. 
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2. Serenity Clinic

You can book your appointment online and seek help virtually from this clinic in Delhi, that offers aid to those struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, ADHD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, OCD and others. 
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3. Betterlyf

You can choose from different counselling plans that the website offers and begin your journey. The website also has wellness programs for those who don’t want to stick to just therapy. 
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4. HopeQure

This website exclusively offers virtual sessions of clinical therapy, behavioural, child, teen and personality development. They also offer free therapy sessions for those who have recovered from Covid, frontline workers and those who have lost a loved one. 
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5. Mind.Fit

If you’re already a Cult or Cure.Fit user then you can switch to this directly on your app and find a therapist with your existing membership. If you aren’t, then you can book an individual session from their range of experts on their website or app. 
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6. Talk To Angel 

The best part about this website is that you can take a free assessment before you book your online appointment. And you can send someone you think would benefit from therapy, a gift card from their website. 
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7. Fortis Healthcare 

Fortis has a vast mental health department that works towards providing better care in India. There are a large group of doctors you can pick from and book your appointment with, online. 
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8. The Mind Research Foundation 

With a more evidence based approach towards behavioural sciences, this foundation focuses on neuroscience, positive psychology and healthcare. They offer therapy, life counselling, career counselling and family assistance programs. 
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9. Dear Mind

An initiative started for those suffering from mental distress, anxiety, grief and other mental health issues caused directly and indirectly due to the current COVID-19 situation, Dear Mind is run by volunteers and holds 1-to-1 counselling sessions. 

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10. The Mood Space

This platform offers free 30-minute sessions for anyone who wants an empathetic ear in the lockdown. You can also book a full therapy session according to your need. 

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11. If you’re looking for someone to talk to and do not want to start therapy full-time yet, there are a foundations who are offering counselling services for free, and are just a phone call away. 

The Indian government, in collaboration with the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru, has a toll-free helpline number for those who need help – 080-46110007. 

The Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists (IACP) has summated a list of individual practitioners who are offering free telephonic counselling to those who need it. 

Project Mumbai offers telephonic counselling sessions to those who are struggling with anxiety. 

Here is a list of individual practitioners who are helping people struggling with Covid anxiety, in collaboration with Association of Psychiatric Social Work Professionals. 

Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels

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