The second wave of Covid-19 has wreaked havoc across the nation. However, with the rise in cases, social media platforms have become the go-to portals where people are requesting leads on medicines, cylinders, hospital beds etc.   

Many doctors who are at the frontline are also taking this opportunity to spread awareness and information about the virus and other related areas related to Covid-19. So, here are some doctors who are using social media to fight against any misinformation around Covid-19 : 

1. Dr Siddhant Bhargava 

A food, lifestyle and wellness expert who frequently shares with people what all things should be and shouldn’t be consumed during Covid-19.  

2. Dr Tanaya Narendra/ Dr Cuterus 

She generally busts myths about sexual health. However, she can now be seen busting any sort of misinformation about the vaccine. 

3. Dr Yuvraj

He is an expert gynaecologist and deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and obstetrics. However, from what kind of masks to wear to things to know about the vaccine, nowadays he has been sharing all kinds of beneficial information related to coronavirus. 

4. Dr Animesh 

He is an expert plastic surgeon who nowadays recommends best medications to take to boost ones immunity. 

5. Dr Rashmi Shetty

She is a dermatologist and talks about how Covid affects the skin and what one can do to keep the skin healthy during these times. 

6. Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju/ ind0ctrination

She is a doctor and an actor so she in her entertaining way fights all kinds of misinformation related to vaccines and anything related to Covid-19. 

7. Dr. Rashi

She is a psychiatrist and keeps answering all sorts of questions related to vaccines while encouraging people to take take it. 

8. Dr. Ankesh Sahetya 

A gynaecologist who answers all sorts of questions related to the vaccine and how it affects or doesn’t affect the female body.  

9. Dr Samriddhi Sharma 

She generally busts all kinds of myths related to coronavirus and encourages people to take right kind of precautions. 

10. Dr Reema Pandya

A pediatrician who discusses measures related to Covid-19 and how to take care of children while fighting the virus. 

11. Dr. Vidhya Nair

A psychologist, she shares tips on how to manage mental health during these distressing times. 

12. Dr Riddhima Shetty 

A gynaecologist, she shares simple techniques to follow for Covid affected patients who are at home or how to care of oneself during the lockdown.  

One for all, all for one.