Stuck at home? Worrying about your fitness? Missing the gym?

Don't want to lose track of your daily workout routine?

Her are some hacks that will be useful to keep you fit.

1. Use drink cans as small dumbbells.

Source: justbeerapp

2. Use Bag of onion/potatoes as dumbbells.

Source: pixabay

3. Use laundry detergent as kettlebell. 

Source: wikimedia

4. Use stairs as tread mill.

5. Use chair as squat equipment.

6. Use backpack as weighted vest.

Source: huntnhike

7. Use a broom stick and chairs as pull up bar.

8. Use paper plates or towel as glider discs.

Source: newmefitness

9. Use gas cylinders as heavy weights.

Source: wikimedia

10. Use Couch as heavy weight.

11. Use bathroom towel as exercise band

Source: wallpaperflare

12. Use cushion as bosu ball

Source: sydneyphysiosolutions