Something, no, a lot changed during and since COVID. The pandemic changed us socially, emotionally and impacted our physical health in ways that seem irreversible. And for some reason, ever since we moved out of the pandemic, it’s like we moved on from it – and stopped talking about everything it did to us.

New Scientist

We also hardly address how COVID spread or so many of us got it, despite doing everything we could to protect ourselves. And recently, a Twitter user started a poll asking the same question to people. The thread is an eye-opener about how much integrity we lacked as a society, during the pandemic.

Hindustan Times

People who were infected shared their experiences – where some got the virus from family members who were too rigid to take precautions. Others were people on the front-lines, including doctors, nurses, staff members in the hospital, journalists, and so on. There’s another group, where employees in toxic workplaces had to deal with the consequences of being called in to work during the pandemic.

These tweets are proof:

Misinformation and insensitivity are bigger issues than we give them credit for.