Doctors, celebs, politicians, influencers, policemen, neighbour uncle and your mom have been telling you to wash your hands for weeks now. Of course, it’s important to be hygienic when a pandemic is on the loose. Apart from hygiene, it's imperative to improve one's immunity to protect oneself against diseases.   

Here are some simple tips to boost your immunity and stay healthy:  

Include these natural foods in your diet: 

1. Citrus fruits: Orange, lemon, grapefruit 

citrus fruits
Source: foodlion

2. Red Bell Peppers 

red bell peppers
Source: healthline

3. Broccoli

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4. Garlic 

Source: verywellfamily

5. Ginger 

Source: medicalnewstoday

6. Spinach 

Source: healthline

7. Yogurt 

greek yogurt
Source: medicalnewstoday

8. Turmeric 

Source: healthline

9. Chicken Soup 

chicken soup
Source: seriouseats

10. Sunflower seeds 

sunflower seeds
Source: shellingmachine

11. Watermelon, mint and lime cooler 

watermelon, mint cooler
Source: youtube

12. Orange and tomato juice 

tomato juice
Source: pragativadi

13. Herbal Tea 

herbal tea
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14. Go easy on the coffee and cola, opt for healthy drinks like berry and fruit smoothies

fruit smoothies
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15. Carrot juice 

carrot juice
Source: indianhealthyrecipes

16. Apple and spinach smoothie 

apple and spinach smoothie
Source: vegkitchen

17. Drink at least x litres of water

Source: timesofindia

Also, get with these healthy habits:  

1. Eat a Healthy Diet 

healthy diet
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2. Keeping stress under control 

Source: heart

3. Get plenty of good quality sleep 

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4. Exercise regularly 

Source: lifelinehealthcarebd

5. Soak up some sun 

soak sun
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Stay healthy and happy!