If you want to find yourself, live alone. If you want to know what it takes to adult, live alone. If you want to become immune to crying every day – missing your mumma, live alone. 

My mom is the backbone of our house, whether it comes to dealing with literally everything, cooking the best meals on planet earth or morphing into an alarm clock every single morning. Long after I’ve moved out of the house, she’s still the only person I call for every single thing! 

So I came up with 5 things I always call my mom for, once I’ve started living alone. 

1. When the bai doesn’t listen.

“Hello mumma? Didi is saying she can’t make this. Can you talk to her?” 

2. Whenever I get sick

Lonliness is real. And it stings the most when you’re sick and have no idea how to function. Her voice is as soothing as getting back under the covers on a winter morning. *speed dials mom*

3. When I decide to be an adult and cook for myself.

After 45 minutes on the phone with her narrating a recipie like pro; when I finally get down to cooking, “kitna paani” remains the ultimate question – so I give up and make maggi. 

4. When I go to buy veggies.

“Hi Mom, I’m pretty sure this bhaiya is duping me for money, how much are tomatoes for exactly?”

5. When I need to figure out how to clean the house because mom says, ‘Sunday ko safai hoti hai’.

This time when I called her up on a Sunday morning, low key complaining about having to clean the house, she told me about the new Dettol disinfectant spray. 

There’s no denying that whenever it comes to cleaning and hygiene Dettol strikes a cord of familiarity and will continue to do so. And even when we think we’ve done a pretty darn good job with our cleaning, the house does not necessarily remain germ free. 

Dettol, with their new disinfectant spray is out to bust the myth, that cleaning is not the ultimate stage by telling us that, clean is not germ free with their campaign #SprayOnGermsGone. There are things in the house that we can’t always be disinfected, but now this is possible with the new Dettol disinfectant spray which works on soft surfaces as well. (seriously, wow) So, the next time I went grocery shopping I made sure to pick up the new Dettol disinfectant spray and I must say, it is pretty amazing! Thank you Mom! 

In association with Dettol