Sponsored by Vaseline

Winter season is one of the harshest seasons for our skin. The moment the temperature dips, our skin suffers. Don’t worry though, it’s not a lost game. All you need is a tiny case of Vaseline and you’re sorted! To make your life easy, here a few simple hacks you can try to safeguard your skin during the cold season.

1. Rashes on the knuckles? Not anymore!

Simply apply a thick coat of Vaseline every night before going to bed, and the irritated skin will become history.

 2. Buh-bye chapped lips

Just dab a little bit of Vaseline on your toothbrush and exfoliate all the dead skin away. Voila pink lips!

Pro-tip – You can even make a scrub just for your lips. Simply add sugar to Vaseline and apply it on your lips.

3. Did you know that your chances of getting dark circles are higher during winters?

Now you know. Applying Vaseline under your eyes keeps it moisturised and supple, thus preventing dark circles.

4. Cracked heels are the worst. Period.

Imagine wearing your favourite dress with those killer shoes you love. But what else stands out with all this? Cracked heels. You don’t want that I’m sure.

Before going to sleep, just apply a generous amount of Vaseline on both your feet, sock it up and have a good night’s sleep.

5. Fight the annoying frizz

With winters comes a different kind of energy and that’s static energy, my friend! I just hate it when my hair becomes all frizzy and starts standing on its end. So what I do is that I take a mascara stick, dab some good ol’ Vaseline on it and comb them frizzies away.

6. What’s winter without a runny nose?

And when you get one, there’s always Vaseline to protect you from all the redness and itchiness that’s under your nose. Ta-daa… sneeze away to glory my friend!

Undo the doings of the season and just pledge to take care of your skin with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.