In quarantine everyone’s emotions are at an all-time high. Some of us are struggling because we are alone and some because we’re away from our loved ones. But there is a way in which you can create your support system to get you through it. 

1. Connect with your loved ones as much as you can

Calling your family and friends through the day not just helps them cope with the situation but also makes you feel better. Though there are days when you wouldn’t want to talk to anyone, just letting them know you’re doing fine will keep the support cycle going. 

2. Seek support from your colleagues  

For those of us who are working from home, we spend a huge chunk of our time interacting with our colleagues. Just checking in on them and asking them how they’re doing will put everyone at ease. Ask them if they are safe and extend whatever support you can. Don’t say ‘I’m fine’ this time, because all of us are fighting this together. 

3. Offer support to the elderly in your community

If you have any neighbours or your parents and grandparents are living by themselves, offer to help them out. Order groceries for them, or get extra when you do your own shopping. These times are especially dangerous for them, helping them out will help you feel better and also put them at ease. 

4. Take this opportunity to support healthcare workers

If you know any healthcare workers who are at the front lines, extend your support to their family, and give them someone to talk to. Just discussing the situation with someone will take a huge burden off their chest. You can also make donations to government funds that are helping out healthcare workers. 

5. Participate in community initiatives and campaigns to help society

If you know someone who is organising initiatives for those displaced during this lockdown, offer whatever form of help you can. You can also make donations to make this situation better for a lot of families. By extending support to others, you are widening the circle. 

6. Find ways to bond with those who you are quarantined with

Some of us are quarantined with our families and some with flatmates. Find ways to ease the atmosphere and find ways to bond with each other. This will help you get your mind off things. Watch movies, cook together and play video games. Keeping yourself occupied is really important right now. 

7. Create your own personal support area

Doesn’t matter where you are quarantined, make a small space for yourself where you can de-stress. A spot where you can meditate, read a book or just be at peace and do absolutely nothing. This space is yours and no one else can disturb you when you need your ‘me’ time. 

Times are tough, but so are you. Remember, the only way we can get through this is by helping each other out and staying at home.