Are you still crying about not being able to go to the gym? Has your fitness motivation taken a hit? 

Well, these 8 fitness challenges will pump you up and put you right back on track:  

1. See 10 Do 10 Challenge:  

The name says it all. Complete 10 push-ups and then nominate your friends to do the challenge.  

2. Plank Challenge:  

This challenge is going viral on TikTok. You must plank with the rhythm.   

3. 100 Skipping Challenge:  

In this challenge, you have need to complete 100 skips and later nominate your friends.  

4. Upside Down T-shirt Challenge:  

Put a T-shirt on while doing a handstand.

5. Clock Leg

It's not as easy as it looks but worth giving a try.


yep. I definitely cheated. I’m too old for this. ##fyp ##foryou

♬ Originalton - lisaaaa.mary

6. Left foot and now right foot:

Another tiktok challenge, this follows the rhythm rule and is best for a quick exercise.

7. Flex Challenge:  

Try this challenge to check your flexibility.   

8. Bring Sally Up Challenge:  

It’s an old but interesting challenge. You have to follow the lyrics while doing squats.