Periods can be a messy affair. Some women may find themselves in a whirlpool of emotions because of hormones in overdrive. They can make us uncomfortable, unhappy, unnerved and everything starting with ‘un’.

Chocolates, Ice cream, popping Meftal, we try different things to get rid of those cramps and mood swings. But have you ever thought about getting up from the bed and giving work out a try?   

Here are some exercises that you can do during your period. These can actually help with your crampy and low days without stressing you out.  

1. Brisk Walking   

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If you don’t want to do any tough workouts, just take a walk around the park. You can burn a few calories plus the breeze will cheer you up.  

2. Jogging  

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If cramps are not figuratively killing you, get up, put on your sneakers and go for a run. Running can uplift your mood any day.  

3. Yoga  

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Some pranayam and aasanas help in improving blood circulation, prevents clotting and soothes pain.  

4. Dancing  

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Whether it is a normal day, or you’re on your period, a little dancing can lift your spirits in minutes.   

5. Strength Training  

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Estrogen levels are at its lowest during the periods. This can make you feel a sense of strength when you’re feeling the weakest. Remember not to lift too much.   

6. Pilates  

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This involves specific muscles. Do this as per your needs, cramps and strength.   

7. Swimming  

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A messy affair for sure but for some women, it’s a lifesaver. This is a low-impact sport which will relax your body and mind. Avoid swimming on heavy flow days and wear a tampon or menstrual cup to maintain hygiene.  

8. Stretching  


Unable to take yourself to the gym or park? Try some stretching at home to give your body a reboot and just relax.  

A gentle reminder: Listen to your body and exercise accordingly.