Work from home used to be a dream but once it became a reality, you realise it isn’t so simple. For starters, it takes a lot of discipline to pull it off. And then come the repercussions. Many people are suffering from headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, etc.  

01. Ensure proper sitting posture 


A proper chair is a must. Your feet must touch the floor and your pelvis and back should fit against the back of the chair. This will ensure that your back has no extra pressure. 

02. Support your back if you’re working on a bed or couch

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If you could not arrange a comfy chair and table and are forced to work on the bed, place your back against the wall or headboard with two pillows, one horizontal and one vertically behind you back to support your spine.   

03. Your screen must be at eye level

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You should make sure that your screen is at eye level so that your neck won’t feel the strain. This will also prevent headaches, blurred vision, and dry eyes.   

04. Focus on the position of wrists and arms


To prevent strain, the wrists and arms should be straight and with the level of the floor. 

05. Don’t place your phone between your neck and shoulder while multitasking


Using a headset, earphones is advisable if you have to make a lot of phone calls. Putting the phone on speaker can be a nuisance for other family members, earphones or headset etc is handy. 

06. Do not sit for longer than an hour at a stretch

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After every hour or two, get up and take a walk, from one room to the other or take a stroll to the kitchen. You might need a break, but your body needs one. Stretching at regular intervals can ease up the pain too.   

07. Don’t keep your laptop on your lap 


You can listen to Lean on but do not lean on your laptop. If you are keeping your laptop in your lap, you are forced to lean, avoid that. You can raise the laptop by using a bed table or books but don’t raise it too high. 

08. Set up a workstation 

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Set up a specific workplace, maybe like the one in your office with plants and posters, etc. This will reduce mental and emotional pain to an extent.  

While being a workaholic, don’t forget to listen to your body.