We all are going through this unprecedented crisis with an uncertain future. This is taking a toll on our mental health. It’s tempting to turn to food to deal with stress and emotional turmoil, however, stress eating might hurt you physically and mentally. 

To deal with stress eating, here’s a list of things that you can do: 

1. Keep yourself busy

If you tend to go to the kitchen or fridge out of sheer boredom. Stop right there. Do something to keep yourself busy. Out of millions of things to read, watch and learn, pick something up. When you will be busy, you’d think of eating only when you are ‘actually’ hungry.

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2. Set an eating schedule and stick to it 

Eating randomly many times throughout the day will lead to overeating. Make a new eating timetable or follow pre-corona days’ timetable. 

If you’re used to having three meals a day, try to continue that schedule. The same goes for if you typically consume only two meals and a snack, or whichever suits you. 
Try to maintain a regular eating pattern based on your individual needs and your preferred eating times.


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4. Stay hydrated 

While resting at home, you might not feel more thirsty than you normally did. But do remember to drink enough water to stay hydrated. This will also help in avoiding all those unnecessary cravings and unhealthy snacking.

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5. Eat at one designated place 

First things first, don’t use your bedroom or living room as your dining room. Designate one place in your home as the place where you will eat and try to keep your work and relaxation spaces in your home separate from where you eat.

6. Divide your meals 

If it’s proving hard for you to ditch those cravings, just split your regular 2-3 large meals into multiple smaller meals. This will help you to relatively reduce your calorie intake.   


7. Manage Stress 

Indulge in mindful meditation and exercises. Clean your flat, organise everything. Get a sleep routine going so that you have plenty of rest. If that’s not all, find other healthy ways to reduce stress.     

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8. Stay Connected 

Remember that school friend of yours that you haven’t called in ages! Well, call him/her first. Reach out to your friends and family members. Host a watch party. Don’t hesitate to call (or video call) your loved ones.   


Just don’t binge eat while binge watching. Period.