Before you do cardio or any workout, proper warm-up is necessary. The perfect workout session involves proper warm-up exercises too. 

Here are some warm-up exercises that you can do once every day: 

01. Plank 

Source: Giphy

Plank increases the core strength of the body and improves posture and balance.

02. Push ups 

Source: Gfycat

This calisthenic exercise is an excellent workout for the upper body, core and glutes. 

03. Triceps warm up 

Source: Healthline

This exercise helps in loosening and warming up the triceps. 

04. Squats 

Source: Gfycat

This strength exercise targets the lower body muscles, including glutes, quads, and hamstrings. 

05. Side Lunges 

Source: Women's Health Mag

This exercise is for the lower body and helps in strengthening the legs, hips, and glutes. 

06. Dancing 

Source: Giphy

Yeah, you read it right dancing is an excellent warmup exercise. Play your favourite song, raise the volume and dance. You and your body will both feel awesome. 

07. Jumping Jacks 

Source: Pop Sugar

Remember your school PT classes? Yeah, the same old Jumping Jacks. Turns out, It's a great workout for the core. 

08. Animal Walk 

From Frog jumps to Bunny Hops, animal walks can unleash a great load of inner energy. 

Go Sweat it out!