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Damn, it was Mom’s Birthday yesterday and I didn’t even wish her! 

Missed birthdays, cancelled appointments, misplaced household items… forgetting something or the other is a normal thing for us. But imagine if you regularly keep forgetting important stuff. Imagine suffering from a memory problem so severe that you forget where you live, your loved ones, or even who you are. Imagine the sheer trauma you will suffer and you will come close to feeling the plight of a person suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease that affects our mind and memories. And what’s worse is that it has no cure so far. The ONLY thing one can do is to recognize its early symptoms and take preventive measures. That said, it is quite sad that most of us don’t know much about the disease, barring the few who are affected by it or know someone who is.

HealthCare atHOME, India’s leading home health care service provider took it upon themselves to make more and more people aware about regular forgetfulness- the early symptom of Alzheimer’s. And they did it through a brilliant social experiment of sorts. 

Recently, thousands of commuters in Mumbai local trains heard announcements where the announcers forgot the name of the next station! Not a software glitch or an employee’s fault, these were actually an awareness campaign about regular forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s awareness.

By making the Mumbai trains forget their next stations, HealthCare atHOME found a way to reach millions of Mumbaikars and made sure that people won’t forget noticing the early signs of Alzheimer’s.

And, on that note…

This Is The Sort Of Confusion That Will Entail If A Train Announcer Ever Has Alzheimer’s:

Here’s some more info on HealthCare atHOME.

Feature image source: ukcareguide