We know nothing. Nothing at all.

But in the defence of our race, who could’ve guessed the seemingly impossible? Like a woman can get pregnant while she’s pregnant already. Double whammy. Heck yeah! I know, let the mental flips begin, but you read that just right. The biggest myth has been busted.

Like biologically, scientifically, weirdly, you can conceive while a baby is happily budding inside the womb.


This heart-stopping, mind-boggling phenomenon is called superfetation. It’s a legit reality. No matter how bizarre. Want a more technical definition? Here.

“Superfetation is defined by the fertilisation and the implantation of a second oocyte in a uterus already containing the product of a previous conception.”

So usually when a woman gets pregnant, she stops ovulating. That’s why she won’t get her period either. The female system stops producing future follicles. No more kids, thank you very much.

As stated by a science column, “Ordinarily, the release of eggs ceases once a woman is pregnant, and the hormonal and physical changes of pregnancy work together to prevent another conception.”

As in, a pregnant woman’s cervix is shut down so that even if she has sex during those 9 months, the semen won’t enter any further but has obviously done the job and will stay ineffective.


Or so we thought.

But in this parallel reality, the woman can conceive again (so much for family planning). What’s more, the babies are formed in separate amniotic sacs, confirming they aren’t regular twins. For this to occur you’ve got to be extra fertile i.e. your internal evolutionary system is basically superhuman.

Such double pregnancies are extremely rare in humans but surprisingly common in mammals, especially cats. There are only 10 such human cases recorded in medical history till date, according to a French report published in 2008.

Most notably an American woman who had two babies via C-section, even though they were conceived two weeks apart. Then there’s an Australian woman who had two healthy girls in 2016, both conceived within a week, born 10 days apart in different weights and sizes.


Superfetation still baffles the hell out of doctors though. It’s still kind of unexplainable. Can’t blame them. This can come across as borderline freaky, if not entirely bonkers. The only worrying thing here is that the babies can be born quite prematurely.

Damn, I still can’t get over this. I’m sure neither can you. I mean this is shocking. But who knows everything about the working mysteries of this universe? Definitely not us mere mortals.

As we know now. This is why humanity still believes in miracles. On that note, remember, impossible is nothing.