People are always looking for facts and statistics about autism to educate themselves and those around them. On World Autism Awareness Day, we list down for you 10 things you should know about autism. 

1. According to the Rehabilitation Council Of India, 1 in 68 kids is diagonesd with autism. This makes autism the third fastest-growing developmental disability in India.    

2. Due to specific biological shielding mechanisms that operate in girls but not in boys, boys are four times more likely than girls to have autism.  

3. As per a report by ‘Autism Speaks‘, the average age of diagnosis for autism is 4 years of age.  

4. However, if paid attention to, the signs of autism in infants as young as six months can be noticed, says the American Psychiatric Association.  

5. According to a study by Autism Center at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, suicidal thoughts are 9 times more likely in adults with autism than those without it.  

6.  Children with autism may seem socially distant, but they do love their families.  

7.  People with autism process sensory information differently and can be sensitive to sounds, sights, tastes, and touch.  

8. Many people with autism show signs of worry, fear, excessive concerns, or other forms of anxiety, says the National Autistic Society

9. At present, the evidence-based treatments for autism are educational/therapy-related and not medical.  

10. There are other conditions that go along with autism like early loss of social and language skills, toe walking, intellectual disability, ADHD, sleep problems, gastrointestinal problems and wandering.