Short people, we have won.

After years of being told to have Complan, to stretch from a railing and whatnot, we have emerged victorious.

NY Daily News

Because guess what, short people live longer. Or so this video says.

Farhan, who goes by the name madmedicine, discusses this in his TikTok video. 

There was a study that was done where researchers compared the height in average rate of death of indivduals. Researchers found that the taller you are, more likely you are to die faster.

In fact, he said, a person loses about 1.3 years of their life for every inch above 5’4″.


Well, that’s one worry off my list.

Anyway, I dug a bit more to find out about this and found another source elaborating on the effect of height on people.

Apparently, being tall is associated with health issues like having more blood clots and cancer. 

That is a bit intense and grim. 

But overall I guess being tall is not that big a quality to aspire for. Very glad about that.