There are certain food items that can improve your oral health so, why not have it? Including these food items in your diet will definitely give you strong teeth, keep cavity and other oral diseases at bay and aide in keeping your gums healthy. Read on to find out. 

1. Cheese

Yes, cheese is rich in calcium which strengthens the gums and the teeth. Having cheese also lowers the acid level in your mouth and increases the production of saliva which washes off some of the bacteria in the mouth. Just remember, hard, aged cheese are the best options.

2. Milk

Just like cheese, milk too is rich in calcium and other nutrients. Milk too lowers the acid levels in the mouth which aides in fighting tooth decay.

3. Black and Green tea

Polyphenols present in black/green tea is best known to reduce bacteria and toxic products of bacteria in the mouth. Tea is also known to be rich in fluoride, which is a necessary component for healthy teeth. It is advised to drink unsweetened tea.

4. Nuts

Nuts are packed with important elements like calcium and phosphorus which aide in strengthening your teeth and gums. Chew on almonds, cashews and walnuts to help fight bacteria that lead to tooth decay.

5. Gum

This one is kind of a no-brainer. Chewing gum increases the production of saliva which in turn washes away bacteria and food particles that could cause tooth decay and weak gums.

6. Carrots

Even bugs bunny knew that carrots are good for the teeth. Carrots are indeed loaded with minerals and vitamins that help to strengthen your gums and teeth.

7. Black Coffee

This might come as a surprise to you but a series of recent studies have shown that having black coffee can aide in protecting your teeth from decay and help in fighting plague. But, keep in mind that your coffee needs to be black and unsweetened.

8. Onions

Raw onions are loaded with antibacterial properties that help in fighting against bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease.

9. Raisins

Raisins are a source of phytochemicals like oleanolic that kill cavity causing bacteria. It is also loaded with anti-oxidants that help in keeping teeth and gums in good shape.

10. Yogurt

Yogurt is definitely good for oral health. It s packed with calcium and pro-biotics that protect your teeth against cavities, gum disease and even bad breath.

Brushing is not enough. You have to eat healthy too.