Just the mention of it makes me roll my eyes. Now arms and legs waxing is still doable. But bikini waxing? That’s a completely different ball game altogether. 


If you’re someone like me, you’ll chicken out even before someone suggests a bikini wax. It is excruciatingly painful, and the idea of baring one’s vagina to a stranger (who is not your partner) is a little uncomfortable, to be honest. But hey, that’s just me. 

These brave women got a bikini wax and lived to tell the tale. So go on, and read their wonderful stories. 

“The first time I tried waxing at home I went straight for the bikini line. I warmed the wax, went to town, it all went pretty well. I had a bath to wash off the excess wax. Again, it all went pretty well or so I thought. I put on some brand new underwear. My boyfriend came over, we headed to the bedroom. He went to take off my gorgeous new lace knickers, and they were stuck to me. No budging. Turns out there was some lingering wax residue on my crotch. I spent my Valentine’s evening having my (now ex) boyfriend very carefully cut me out of my underwear with a pair of nail scissors. It was the least sexy night of my life.”
“The first time I got a Brazilian, the girl asked me if I wanted my butt waxed and I was like ‘Sure, why not?’ So she starts and asks me to spread my cheeks. I got nervous and ticklish and I could NOT stop laughing. I could NOT stop. Tears were coming out of my eyes. She had to stop and wait until I calmed down. The second she would start again, I’d start giggling like an idiot again. She was a really good sport and started laughing with me, too.”
“So the first time I was getting it done, I asked her to stop midway. I didn’t have it in me to get the whole thing done.That time there was no Rica wax, and hot wax just wasn’t my thing. And it hurt like a motherfucker!”
“First and only bikini waxing experience: I got a Brazilian and the woman blew on my ladyparts to ‘cool it off.’ ”
“First of all, it took an hour instead of the 15 minutes it usually takes. She was doing, like, three hairs at a time. She said she was going so slowly because she wanted it to be less painful. She also kept trying to set me up with her son by saying unsubtle stuff like, ‘I have a son your age. He’s single. Are you single? He’s very cute.’ I just responded like, ‘Mhmm, that’s nice.’ It was my first and last time with her. “
“I also tried doing it myself a few times. I had gotten tired of paying so much to do it, and it looked super easy. I became overconfident. I may have had a glass of wine and locked myself in my room with a wax pot. I put down the first line of wax, then I proceeded to chicken out. I was too damn nervous to tear it off. I kept trying to give myself pep talks, but they were not effective. When I finally did start tearing it off, it was coming off in millimeters. I eventually got it off in between bouts of panic, remorse, and hope that if I just put my pants back on and went along with the rest of my day, it would all disappear.”
“When I was 14, my best friend and I decided to try a bikini wax. It was summer, we were bored. We found a pot of wax and strips in her mother’s closet. We microwaved it way too long and subsequently burned ourselves while applying it. While getting over the trauma of the wax burn, we let the strips adhere too long and ripped off the strips while the wax was hard, producing large and immediate purple bruises on the side of our vaginas.”
“When the deed was done, she tapped my vagina and said in a naughty voice, “Ab toh tumko yahan se haath hatane ka mann hi nahi karega.” and left the room.”
“After waxing my butt, the Brazilian wax technician applied baby powder to it and then I accidentally farted. The girl said she saw a cloud of dust puff out from my butt. I wish I had made this up! It was mortifying, I never went back.”
” My best friend at the time and I decided to get bikini waxes at her house. We were like 17, I think. Well, I went first so I laid down and she started putting wax on my pubes, everything’s going well. She counts to 3 and I get so nervous that I scream when she pulls it. She notices that I am bleeding, not heavily, but you could see it. I started freaking out thinking she pulled too hard or something had ripped off of my skin. Her sister walked in the room because we were both screaming our heads off. She sees me without undies trying to sit up and my friend on the floor, she stares for a second then just walks out. “

A big salute to all these courageous women who went through hell and back. 

*Swears never to get a bikini wax ever!*

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