One more life was sacrificed at the altar of depression yet again. A young man, well in his 20s, ended his life by jumping out of a hotel window. What’s even more disheartening is that he live streamed his suicide on Facebook, leaving thousands of people with an indelible scar. 

Could Arjun Bharadwaj’s life be saved if he had asked for help? Could he be stopped from taking this extreme step if someone had tried to show him the light beyond his dark struggles? 

Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing’s for sure. Arjun’s suicide video was heart-wrenching and if you could bring yourself to watch the full video, you’d want to turn back the clock and reach out and help him. 

We know that stress and anxiety are the by-products of the lifestyle that this generation lives in, and everyone’s sailing in the same boat. 

Which is why stand-up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath’s heartfelt post on Facebook needs to be read by all of us. 

The post garnered a huge positive response from people, with many appreciating that it came just when they needed a piece of advice. 

Can we please look out for our friends around?