Regular exercise is quite essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness. A lot of people spend hours in gyms or yoga sessions to keep themselves fit. Some of them even achieve their goals with home workouts. If you are into fitness, then you must have come across your trainer sharing a diet plan that most of us struggle to keep up with or motivating you to perform 10 more push-ups in the gym. Speaking of which, do you know how the late legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee trained to achieve his ultimate physique?

Source: Muscle & Fitness

His workout plan from 1965 has grabbed our eyeballs on Twitter and it is insane AF.

The picture posted by World Of History (@UmarBzv) shows the young Bruce Lee posing for a photograph on the left and his training plan on the right side. The plan, dated May 27, 1965, features his name and his exercises namely squat, French press, incline curl, push-up and more along with their sets.

Apparently, Bruce Lee, the master of martial arts, used to perform three sets of squats while holding 95 lbs of weight which he did for 10 times. Don’t miss the entire plan mentioned below.

Here’s a picture:

Here’s the original picture of Bruce Lee mentioned in the tweet:

We found this training plan on the official Facebook handle of Bruce Lee. Here’s the original post:

Netizens can’t keep calm with his ‘insane’ workout plan:

Most of us couldn’t recognise Bruce Lee.

Okay guys, see you in six months.