Push-ups are one of those exercises which strengthen your arms and upper body also give you a great physique. But many of us wrongly understand the mechanism behind push-ups and are left with zero change to ourselves. Here are 7 things you immediately need to stop doing to make your push ups work. 

1. Spreading out your elbows, instead of keep them aligned to your body. 

You might want to keep your hands straight while pushing up as flared elbows put a lot of stress on the shoulders making it prone to dislocation.


2. Edging out your hip and making it prone to back strain. 

Yes, when you go on making a pyramid like structure while doing push-ups, its wrong. You need to push all the way straight down in order to achieve the perfect chest. 


3. Literally sleeping on the floor while pushing down your body. 

Gravity is something that plays a crucial role in everything. But, while doing push-ups, you need to keep in mind not to rest too much while pushing down. Be active to avoid fatigue.  


4. Bending your spine inwards might lead to a bad posture instead of good shape.  

Push-ups are also known for keeping your body in shape. If you bend your spine inwards it will pressurise your lower back without giving any positive effects of the workout. 


5. Focusing on the number of push-ups instead on the way you’re doing them. 

Many people confuse the quantity with quality. You need to push down to the ground properly and then raise up. Only then it will build stronger arms. Half done push ups are of no use. 


6. Breathing from your mouth instead of a proper inhale exhale process. 

Though push-ups are strengthening workout, breathing correctly plays a crucial role. Firstly, always breathe from your nose. Secondly, inhale while you push down and exhale while you push up. This will keep the flow of blood regular and you won’t feel stressed out too soon. 


7. Sticking to one form of push-up. Rather, try variations. 

After you become accustomed to a kind of exercise it’s not a big deal performing it regularly. With push-ups you need to try out different variations for good results. You can increase the weight on your body for instance and try out few sets. 

 Avoid these mistakes while you workout and you will achieve the body you aim for in no time.