Science has made a lot of advancements in the past decades. A lot of it has been possible thanks to the contribution of people like Ida and Jupp. If you don’t know who they are, then let this article enlighten you.

ida sex in mri machine
In Picture: Ida. Source: Vice

Ida and Jupp are the pair who shagged inside an MRI machine for science. It was 1991, and it was the very first-time scientists created an internal image of the human body during sex. There were three scientists behind this, one of whom was Pek van Andel.

pek van andel sex in mri machine
In Picture: Pek, Source: Vice

When Pek called Ida and told her that he wanted to create an image of the female reproductive tract during coitus, using an MRI machine, Ida was a little sceptical. This was Pek’s idea of a very special and highly original piece of “body art.”

“It’s never been done!” Pek repeated over the line. “Never!”

Despite her scepticism, Ida agreed and along with her boyfriend Jupp, participated in the experiment. Here are the stunning image they created –

sex in mri machine

According to, the main findings, based on 13 experiments performed with eight couples and three single women, was that during intercourse in the “missionary position,” the penis is neither straight nor “S” shaped as had been previously thought but is, in fact, the shape of a boomerang. What’s more, during female sexual arousal the size of the uterus does not increase, as had been previously reported.

Although nobody initially thought that this study was particularly useful clinically or scientifically, it proved to be highly helpful in getting a better understanding of human anatomy.