Delhi’s pollution problem is no joke anymore. With the AQI level shooting through the roof for the past so many days, post-Diwali trauma was definitely expected.

Even though people were given a two-hour window by the Supreme Court for bursting crackers, people have managed to overwhelm the air quality with so much toxicity.

Financial Express

Here’s a glance at the smoke-filled box we live in.

Good air quality to live in is considered to be 0-50 on the AQI but Delhi’s has been raging way above 300 everywhere.

We don’t know how much longer our lungs will be able to take this.


The AQI was already so troubled and Diwali just added fuel to the fire.

According to reports, Delhi is the third-most polluted city right now after Diwali, with Lucknow and Patna being the first two. 


The pollution has completely enveloped the city.



It’s so bad that even looking at the smog chokes you.


While the app by our own Central Pollution Control Board measures the AQI on pm2.5, another global app calculates it on pm10 index, which shows the same result on a larger number. So, you can see the bigger picture.

The reports also mention that it’s the northern cities that have significantly higher and severe AQIs as compared to southern ones. Cities like Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala have an AQI of only 70.

We really hope the AQI in Delhi and other northern cities improve since these are scary and life-threatening conditions to live in.

All AQI levels taken from here.