A city which was once known for its history, a city with a certain kind of voice, vibe and culture, a city which expanded beyond anyone’s imagination is moving towards its end.

It’s just a matter of time before Delhi becomes one of those places which has nothing but misery left. Here’s a look at some of the things that will deem Delhi a dead city in the near future. 

1. Delhi is going to run out of groundwater within 2 years. 

Recently, a report from the NITI (National Institute for Transforming India) stated that over-population and the climatic changes in the Delhi region will make Delhiites face ‘day zero’ as we are going to run out of ground water forever.  


2. The smog problem in Delhi does permanent damage to lakhs of people every year. 

The air quality is hazardous, it’s deadlier than the cancer causing cells in the human body. Cars are crashing into each other due to less visibility and the people of Delhi are on the verge of developing severe breathing and skin diseases. 


3. The crime rate in Delhi is increasing day by day.  

Rape, kidnapping, murder and everything else. The crime rate in Delhi is increasing more than the population of the country. About 40% of the total rapes in India in 2016, took place in the capital. From being called the capital of India, to being known as the rape capital of India, Delhi has witnessed some bizarre crimes and there’s still no end to it. 


 4. Delhi doesn’t have enough housing for its people. 

People come here in search of work and shelter, but it has run out of space to give anyone a place to stay. Even if there is any place, it’s beyond the financial reach of the people. 


5. Trees are being cut in Delhi at an alarming rate. 

In a city which witnesses negligible rain fall, high rates of pollution and scorching heat, cutting trees should be banned. But the central government itself is about to cut almost 16000 more trees in order to construct houses for government employees. 


6. Healthcare and it’s cost is a nightmare in Delhi. 

Even with India’s best and biggest government hospital AIIMS, people in Delhi still face a lack of healthcare facilities. Can you imagine? The capital of the country has the maximum number of  deaths due to dengue each year.


7. Delhi is falling short of the number of jobs to offer. 

One of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in India, with the best companies, technology and experiences to offer, has no new work to offer fresh talents. Delhi is fighting a lost battle against unemployment since very long. 


8. The sewage lines in Delhi lack maintenance and hygiene.   

It’s hard to believe a city moving towards development with such a great speed, has its roots growing in shit. Yes, only  55% of the houses in Delhi are equipped with a good drainage system. The other 45% of the waste goes untreated into the Yamuna River. 


9. Delhi has become a big pile of garbage over time.

Recently, the government ordered a 23 acre land in sector 123, Noida to be transformed into a dumping ground. What’s hard to believe is, there are housing colonies nearby and thousands of people will be affected badly by all the garbage that’ll be dumped there. 


Soon, Delhi will have no water to drink, no fresh air to breathe and might also run out of places to live and offices to work. Sooner than we might realise, Delhi will die leaving each of us living here regretting what we did to this wonderful city. 

Lets work together and bring Delhi back to life.