Delhi woke up to a layer of smog once again and it brings the issue of pollution levels to the forefront. Today many areas in Delhi are at ‘severe’ level of air quality, with numbers above 350, which is alarming for a city. 


The conditions are just going to worsen as winter sets. Being a metro-city gives Delhi no excuse to be this way. 

Here’s a look at how the other major cities in the world come across as compared to Delhi in air quality standards as per real time data through AQICN.


1. Kolkata: 150-160

Kolkata’s air quality varies highly from moderate to unhealthy levels. However, the numbers increase to unhealthy levels only during extreme situations.


2. Mumbai: above 150

Mumbai is highly prone to road dust and thus is on the unhealthy side of the Air Quality Index with numbers rising above 150.


3. Bengaluru: 80-90

Bengaluru’s air is definitely easier to breathe in with air quality staying within the moderate range. Some areas register air quality levels as good as below 30.


4. Chennai: 80-90

Chennai’s air quality is one of the best in the country with pollution levels hardly ever going beyond moderate levels. 


5. Agra:  above 330

Agra being a neighbour of Delhi isn’t exactly spared. It has a really poor Air Quality Index which is in fact leading to the corrosion of Taj Mahal. 


6. Kathmandu, Nepal: 100-110

Nepal’s air quality is not exactly ideal, as it touches the unhealthy category, but it is much better when compared to Delhi.


7. New York, USA: 10-20

The air quality is commendable in New York. Being the kind of developed city it is, every other city can take a cue from them.


8. Beijing, China: 50-90

Beijing is also a populated and busy city, still it’s air quality fares as moderate.


9. Ottawa, Canada: 10-20

Life is definitely easy for the citizens of Canada with such good air quality levels.


10. Mexico City, Mexico: 70-90

The Air Quality Index in Mexico city stays within the moderate limits despite it being a busy city too.


11. Tokyo, Japan- 140-150

Tokyo is in the unhealthy category when it comes to Air Quality Index, the people there are also at a high risk of diseases related to air pollution.


12. London, United Kingdom: 50-60

The air quality is moderate in London and does not reach higher levels.


13. Moscow, Russia: 70-80

Even in Moscow, the air quality is within the moderate range and they continuously strive to maintain that.


None of the major cities in the world have air quality as poor as Delhi. If nothing is done soon, the city’s future is really bleak.