Guilty of going overboard eating delicious delicacies, sugary sweets and fried-yet-fantastic foods on Diwali?

Here are 15 foods that’ll help detox your body and get rid of all the damage that came with late-night partying and eating junk food:

1. Sugarcane

This is perhaps the best way to rejuvenate your liver, the body’s main organ to detox and revitalize. Chew on a sugarcane or have its juice and it’ll recover your liver in hardly any time. 


2. Ghee & Jaggery

Mix the two and have as a supplement with all your meals. The clarified butter helps melt stubborn fat cells and increase muscle mobility and jaggery helps clean out lungs, intestines and aid digestion, particularly in the winter.  


3. Beetroot

Containing many essential phyto-nutrients, beetroot helps in purifying blood and cleansing the liver. If you don’t like it in your salad, cook into a sabzi or juice it up in the morning. 


4. Lemon

This wondrous citrus fruit converts toxins into water-soluble form which helps the body in getting rid of them quite easily. Starting your day with warm water with drops of lemon is always a great idea!


5. Green Tea

By now, everyone knows that green tea is excellent when it comes to providing the body with the much-needed anti-oxidants. What it also does, however, is help clear out your digestive track through your urinary system. 


6. Onions

Not known to many, onions are packed with sulphur-containing amino acids which basically do the same thing as your liver, relieving the organ of some of the work. Also, they’re excellent coolants and great help in calming down the stomach. 


7. Garlic

It majorly helps in clearing out the gastric track of the body, reducing acidity, bloating and aiding digestion. It’s also got anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is quite the super-food! 


8. Yogurt

Dahi has enough and more probiotics that aid your digestive system, give you glowing skin and boost your immunity. 


9. Turmeric

Hailed as one of our most powerful foods by the Ayurveda, turmeric works wonders on many fronts. From the digestive track to the liver, expect it to work its magic everywhere. Best had with a glass of warm milk (turmeric latte, anyone?), let haldi keep you fit and fine. 


10. Basil

The humble tulsi helps increase your metabolism and also eliminates unwanted chemicals from the body. Chew on the leaves first thing in the morning, add them in a chutney or sprinkle on top of your salads. 


11. Carom Seeds

Suffer from flatulence? Boil some carom seeds in water and have it first thing in the morning. Looking to aid your digestive system? Ajwain water to the rescue. 


12. Broccoli 

This helps increase glutathione in the body which in turn aids the liver in dealing with toxins better, thereby eliminating them from the body.


13. Ginger

Trust it to spike up your metabolism, flush out toxins, soothe the liver and aid digestion. Is there anything that ginger can’t do? We don’t think so!


14. Spinach

Filled with anti-oxidants, it’s the perfect way to recharge your entire system, flush out toxins and revitalize your organs. Popeye, after all, was up to something damn fine!


15. Walnuts

Aside from giving you protein and reducing cholesterol levels in the body, walnuts also have high levels of arginine acid that supplements the liver in all its detoxification systems. 


Add these to your diet and say good-bye to post-partying troubles!