In a touching and heart-wrenching turn of events, doctors in Mexico formed a ‘guard of honour’ to pay tribute to a baby girl. The baby was being taken to the operation theatre, to donate her organs, after being declared brain dead.

 While she passed on, her organs helped save three lives.

Reported by the Daily Mail, Alondra Torres Arias, from Monterrey, Mexico, succumbed to pneumonia aged just one year and seven months.

Her parents made the heartbreaking decision of letting their baby go to save 3 other lives.

 The mother, Jenni Barraza wrote a heartwarming message on Facebook, saying,

“She probably left days before, I talked to her and kissed her until the last minute.”

She thanked her family and her friends for being so supportive throughout the ordeal. And mentioned that her daughter did not pass away in vain.

Alondra’s kidneys and liver saved three lives.

According to the mother, her daughter’s spirit will carry on with those children.

In a touching tribute, the doctors were seen standing against the wall in a line waiting for the child to be taken to the operation theatre. 

As the bed went past them, the doctor clasped their hands, head bowed down and were seen praying for the baby in a touching, respectful way. 

Many doctors and nurses, including the ones that attended to her, thanked the little girl as she went past them.

Touched by this, Jenni Barraza, said that she was overwhelmed seeing the doctors and nurses stand together in the corridor for her child.

“All in silence, all with hands together in sign of appreciation, all visibly moved, we turned and there were still more people.” 

Emotional and proud, she said,

“I never walked more proudly and with my head high. We got to the operating room and we said goodbye to my beautiful girl.”

Watch the full video here:

Rest in power, little child.