Do you know there’s a mobile application called Electric Shaver? It’s made to give people a feel of what electric shavers sound like. Yah! 

My point is that there are extremely bizarre mobile applications out there in the world. But nothing really tops this out-of-the-box app that this Twitter user has discovered. 

This app connects vulnerable people to listeners (who are not professionals, by the way) who’ll listen to your experience and provide you an emotional support. The listeners have a bio that states what they’ve experienced, and you can talk to whomever you think would understand what you’re going through. 

These listeners are also paid by the minute!

The application is also heavily funded by top-notch investors backing its finances.


The worrisome thing here is that mental health is a deeply serious conversation. Should unprofessional listeners be even paid for merely listening to a person with no surety that the person would actually feel fulfilled or relieved? How does one put aside the transactional nature of the entire discourse?

The website also clearly mentions that they’re no substitute to professional medical services yet people are expected to pay money for speaking their heart out.

There is already a shit-load of stigma around mental health. Now selling off services (how is this even a service tho) from people who are in no way professionals to just sit, listen, and maybe relate worsens the scenario. Putting up a small disclaimer at the end that you do not provide medical services but highlighting the website with flashy words like “feeling broken? feeling lonely?” on the Home page doesn’t really help.  

Let’s make it clear! The application does not cure your depression, anxiety, or stress or fix relationship issues. It does not assure you of anything. It only promises to ‘uplift your mood’ in exchange of ₹8 per minute.

For how long? It seems like vulnerable ones are being charged for a momentary relief until they seek the aid of an ‘unprofessional’ listener again. A dystopian world indeed!

Here’s how shocked Twitter was and we’re not surprised.

Exatly! How is this helping?

The world needs more conversation around mental health. The world does not need an Emotional Wellness Mobile Application that guarantees no resolve and benefits from the plight of the vulnerable.

If you’re deeply stressed and wish to talk to somebody in a non-judgemental setup, please seek help from a professional and trained therapist.