If you face an existential crisis when you finish a TV series that you started on Friday night, my friend, you are a certified binge-watcher. Here’s how it usually looks like: you start watching a series and it’s the only reality that matters. You order food because you simply can’t afford to hit the pause button and make a snack and the only place you are found on, is your bed. Would you say this is not unhealthy? You can’t because it is. 

But binge-watching doesn’t have to be unhealthy and it doesn’t have to be the cause of your extra kilos and posture problems. So how about doing some easy stretches on the bed as you watch your show? We promise you won’t have to touch your toes to the floor! 

1. Leg Spinners

All you need to do is to elevate your legs and draw circles in the air. Do about 20 reps each way and you get an exercise that targets your lower abs.


2. Lying Leg Lifts

You don’t even have to change your position to do this exercise, assuming you’re already in this position as you watch your show. 25 reps of leg lifts on each leg while keeping your legs straight is the best way to tone your thighs.


3. Scissor Legs

Keep your legs straight as you raise them into the air and engage your core when you lower your leg down. Without touching down, raise your opposite leg and repeat. This makes one rep and after 25, you’ll really feel your lower abs and legs working.

4. The Locust

Lie on your belly with your palms upwards by the side of your body. Lift your chest and legs simultaneously and hold the position. This Yoga exercise is not only good for your back but also for your neck.

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5. Russian Twists 

Twists strengthen your core, work your obliques, and also improve the flexibility of your back. Keep your knees bent at a 45-degree angle and twist your torso so that your hands touch the mattress as you go side to side. 15 reps on each side and you will see your muffin top shrink in a few weeks. 


6. Arching in bed, for a sexy back

Arch your back and use your glutes to stay in the position for a few seconds. 10 reps of these arches make your lower back muscles stronger(say bye to lower back ache) and help tone your glutes. 


7. The good old toe touches

Toe touches when done right, do wonders for your core. The key is to engage your core instead of shoulders to rise up and touch your toes. A set of 25 reps is going to leave your core slightly burning which feels amazing. Afterwards. 

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8. The Peddler

You can do this as much as you can, simply raise your legs and start air-cycling. Not on this exercise help tone your legs and strengthen your core but also help prevent varicose vein. 


9. Torso Stretch

Lay on one side and use your right hand to press down on your knee as you press down with your left arm to the bed. If you hear your back pop, it means you just aligned your spine to its original position.


10. Easy Supine Twist

As you keep your upper body relaxed, bend your knees and move your bent legs on either side for ten seconds and hold. This one is great for your strained and knotted back. 

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11. The Plank

No exercise routine is complete without a plank, which engages your core, quads, chest. and back all at once! Getting used to it might be a little challenging but start with a 30-second one and go higher as you get the hang of it. While doing it, keep your spine and neck straight, core tight, and hips lifted.


12. Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose

If you find yourself unable to do any of these (which is a little bit disturbing), the legs-up-the-wall pose just might be for you. Often termed as a “time out for adults”, this pose eases tension in your legs and is recommended for people who stay active on their feet all day.

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These exercises are tested and tried by a certified binge-watcher herself and you can be assured that you’d have a great workout as you finish your 50-minute episode.