Snoring might not pose any serious dangers to your health; but, let’s face it, it can be hell for your sleeping partner and embarrassing for you. If you are dealing with the same problem and don’t know what to do about it, here are some easy and effective ways to help you beat the snoring blues. 

1. Start sleeping on your side and avoid sleeping on your back. 

Sleeping on your side allows air to flow easily which in turn can reduce, or stop your snoring. It is not advisable to sleep on your back as the tongue tends to move to the back of the throat which blocks airflow through the throat.

2. Try using a nasal strip or a external nasal dilator.

Put on a stick-on nasal strip on the bridge of your nose before sleeping to increase the space in the nasal passage. You can also use a nasal dilator, a stiffened adhesive strip which is applied on top of the nose to make breathing more effective and easier.

3. Limit/Avoid alcohol consumption before going to bed.

If you are wondering ‘what does alcohol have to do with snoring?’, let me tell you that having alcohol two to three hours before going to bed relaxes the throat muscles which causes snoring.

4. Get some sound sleep for at least 7-8 hours.

One of the reasons that you might be snoring is because of lack of sleep. It is advisable to sleep for at least 7-8 hours otherwise the body muscles tend to get overworked and too relaxed.

5. Try using an oral appliance.

Oral appliances or dental mouthpieces help to keep the air passage open which makes it easier for you to breathe. They are like orthodontic retainers or mouth guards which you can get from your dentist.

6. Drink lots of liquids throughout the day to stay well hydrated.

Staying hydrated is an effective remedy to deal with snoring. If your body is dehydrated, the secretions from the soft palate and your nose becomes sticky which makes things worse. You should have at least 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day. Just make sure your body is well-hydrated.

Note: Please consult a doctor if the problem persists.

Sleep and let sleep.