As COVID-19 grows more and more into that nightmare even Satan is afraid of, most people around the world have begun serious social isolation. And with that we all have realised that social isolation is tough. It can be just so draining, whether you’re living alone or living with family. 

Well thankfully, Jon Bailey, an ex-submariner, is here to the rescue. Having spent many long stretches in a “steel tube” he knows a thing or two about social isolation. 


Jon took to Twitter to give us all some valuable advice on how to deal with the days of social isolation we have ahead of us.

Here is his 7 point plan on how to deal with being alone in these times.  

1. Build a routine.

2. Have a private space.

3. Eat well.

4. Exercise everyday.

5. Keep your space clean. 

6. Stay connected with friends and family.

7. Keep perspective. 

That’s some solid advice right there. While things might be getting tough, it’s important to remember that we must keep doing our best and looking out for one another in these times of need.