Eyesight is one of the greatest gifts given to us by God so, why waste it? These tips can surely help you improve your eyesight and protect them from further damage:

1. Having food items rich in vitamins and minerals like carrots, broccoli, spinach can prevent macular degeneration that can lead to loss of vision.

b’Source: www.foodnetwork.com’

2. Ayurveda says that including 1-2 teaspoons of ghee and clarified butter in your diet can improve eyesight. 


3. A study proves that spending more time outdoors can reduce the symptoms of myopia often known as nearsightedness. 


4. Always wear sunglasses when stepping out. The UV radiation from the sun can damage eyesight and lead to cataract. 


5. Washing your eyes every day with cold water in the morning and using some eye drops can help keep your eyes clean and healthy.


6. There are a few eye exercises like pencil push-ups or yoga for the eyes that can significantly improve eyesight. 

7. Smoking can cause loss of eye vision, cataract and damage of optic nerves later in life. So, avoid smoking as much as you can. 


8. Always maintain a 30cm distance between your eyes and your phone or tablet. By doing so, you’ll reduce the strain on your eye muscles. 


9. Avoid engaging yourself in one or more activities for more than half an hour. Keep giving your eyes some rest.


10. Go for regular eye check-ups and meet with a vision therapist who can help improve your visual skills. 


Don’t take your eyes for granted. They are precious!