Having a loving father is the best thing a daughter can ask for. It turns out that the reverse is also true, because a study has revealed that dads who have daughters – as opposed to those who don’t – tend to live longer.


The study was conducted by researchers of the Jagiellonian University to see the effects of childbirth on a father’s health and body.

It was found that the total number of children or sons didn’t have any kind of effect on fathers. However, the number of daughters was linked to their longevity.


Moreover, the study also claims that more the number of daughters, longer the fathers live. To be specific, lifespan of men increases by 74 weeks on an average for each daughter born.

I am feeling sad for all those men who preferred sons over daughters. Man you missed out on so many years.

The Hindu

Another study published in the American Journal of Human Biology, suggested exactly the opposite results for mothers. Both daughters and sons have a negative impact on a mother’s health and reduce her lifespan.

So papa, I hope now you know whom to give credit to for your long life.