Remember how your parents made you read aloud stories when you were young? Guess there is more benefit to that technique than our grumbling younger selves may have believed at that time. 

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A recent study published in Memory revealed that people tend to remember more when reading out aloud, than when reading in silence. 

Scientists conducting the study had 75 students read aloud 160 words and recorded them. They also employed other study methods, such as having the students read in silence and listen to recordings. 

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Thereafter, to analyze effective study method, the students were shown a word and asked if they had just studied it. Results showed that the highest recall, a whopping 77%, was recorded for reading the words aloud, closely followed by listening to a recording. 

Reading in silence landed last as an effective study method. 


By separating out different parts of the process the scientists were able to ensure that the most effective results are derived from reading out aloud and hearing your own self. Reading aloud is highly effective as it allows the information to be processed through multiple senses.