I think I speak for every one of us who has trouble sleeping at night, we’d try any new hack to get that wink of sleep!

So it’s almost a streak of luck for you (and TBH, for us too) that we’ve stumbled onto a Reddit thread where people have discussed tips and tricks to get a good night’s sleep. Take a look. 

1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation. I learned about it from therapy, but it’s also very useful in helping you relax both your body and mind. The practice basically boils down to the intentional tensing and releasing of muscles in a specific order, while maintaining your breathing.

– Technical_Worker_264

2. First, relax your facial muscles. Then, tighten them up in a wincing motion and slowly let them naturally loosen. And let your tongue fall any which way in your mouth. Once your face feels like deflated putty, let gravity pull your shoulders naturally toward the ground. Let your arms dangle too, one side at a time. While doing this, breathe in and out, listening to the sound of your breath. With each breath, let your chest relax further and then let gravity relax your thighs and lower legs. Once your body feels like nothing more than a loosely formed lump of clay, try to clear your mind for 10 seconds. If thoughts come naturally, let them pass, just keep your body loose and limp. After a few more seconds your mind should feel clearer. Now picture one of the following two scenarios: you lying in a canoe, in a calm lake with clear blue skies above you; or you in a velvet hammock, gently swaying in a pitch-black room. If you happen to be a person who isn’t great at visualization, you can instead chant the mantra, “Don’t think, don’t think, don’t think,” for 10 seconds instead.

– ElementK

3. If possible, go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. But you have to really stick with it… not just do it for 3 days and then go “oh it isn’t working.” As you keep doing it, your body will get used to it and you’ll naturally get tired at the same time every day. Also, make sure you are in a cool dark room. Those are ideal sleeping conditions. If it’s too hot, it’s really hard to fall asleep. Ideally, you should NEED your blanket to actually be at a comfortable temperature. If you are not a bit chilly without the blanket, the room isn’t cool enough. And if you have a night light or light coming in from a window, that also makes it tough. Even just a TINY bit of light coming in compared to pitch-black makes a huge difference. Blackout curtains are great.

– level 1 mew5175_TheSecond

4. Count down from 1,000 but say each digit in your head. One zero zero zero, nine nine nine,  nine nine eight,  nine nine seven, I challenge you to get into the six hundreds.

– skirunski 

5. I try to think of the longest word I can that starts with each letter of the alphabet, in order. Then start over and do words that start with “Ab”, “Ac”, “Ad”, “Ae”, and so on until I’m so bored that my brain says “nah fam we’re done here.”

– Ok_Security_8657

6. Various murder podcasts do it for me. There is nothing like a calm voice describing a grizzly murder to send me straight to sleep. My favourite at the moment for daytime napping is Canadian true crime.

– level 2 KittenDust

7. I just read a book for half an hour before sleeping.

– LeFish3 

8. I have a sweet light alarm clock that gradually dims while I read. It’s perfect because I can’t argue with it, eventually, it’s just too dark and I have to stop where I am. If you can afford to invest in one I definitely recommend it.


9. A hard day of physical labour. A lot of people complain about aches and pains and not being able to get to sleep because of it. Revisit your diet and physical state, I used to have the same issues. We found out it was restless leg, then I lost weight and started eating better. Magically disappeared.

– ZombieCzar

10. The best trick I have to fall asleep is, blink 30-40 times rapidly, tiring my eye muscle and making it a bit more of a drag to keep my eyes open. 

– alexandersuxx

11. A cooling weighted blanket. Chef’s kiss.

– Krabbi 

12. I have an imaginary world in my head and I just imagine scenarios, have the protagonist do something or whatever until I fall asleep. it’s interesting and works really well for me.

– I have an imaginary

13. Get off screens 2 hours before bedtime.

– strelok314 ·

14. Fap naps?

– ShitSquad3000

15. Listening to TV shows/podcasts that are in a language I don’t understand. That way nothing they say can catch my interest and keep me awake, but I still have the sound of a TV show to lull me to sleep

– Peanit_butter

Hope these help you get a good night’s sleep!