It’s the day after a night of excess, and you’re feeling the burn of last night’s vices. You’re smoked to the bone and you’d honestly rather wither away into a puddle of shame and disgust than lift a finger. Hangovers are the worst, but there are certain ways to ease the pain, such as these.  

1. Water, water, water

Alcohol severely dehydrates the system, so the first thing you need after waking up is a big ol’ bottle of water.


2. Follow that up with ORS, Gatorade or something similar

Your body needs to replenish its electrolytes, so anything that can do the job. Personally, cocnut water really hits the spot.


3. Eat a healthy, hearty breakfast

Load up on some eggs, bread, bananas, oats and whatever else you can get your hands on. It’ll help maintain your blood sugar levels.


4. Pop a party-smart pill the night before

These over the counter pills need to be taken before drinking the night before. They help prevent several symptoms of a hangover.


5. Sleep your heart out

Apart from ensuring adequate sleep before you drank, give yourself time to recover from drinking by getting a good 8-10 hours of shut-eye after.


6. Have some multi-vitamins and supplements

Loading up on some essential vitamins can help restore your body to primo capability.


7. Pop an OTC pain reliever

Nothing too hardcore, but an aspirin or ibuprofen the morning after can definitely take care of that pounding head, and it’s relatively harmless.


8. Have a soothing cup of ginger tea

Skip the milk. But ginger, with its anti-nausea properties, can really help with the comedown. It’s also good for the liver apparently.


9. Chug some Sprite

Strangely enough, a study in the journal Food and Function found that Sprite helps the body better metabolize alcohol by speeding up our ability to process aldehyde dehydrogenase, which is believed to majorly contribute to hangovers.


10. Eat some asparagus

A study in the Journal of Food Science found the amino acids in asparagus help human cells break down alcohol faster, which means it reduces all of alcohol’s negative effects, including the hangover.


If none of these work, just give it a day and pray for redemption.