Nariyal ka pani or coconut water comes from the very famous tropical fruit-coconut. Here is a list of health and skin benefits that coconut water can give us:

1. It is good for diabetes.  

Coconut water is advised to all those who are diabetic-it is low in calories and sugar. It is also high in potassium and other minerals making it the natural calorie free carbohydrate drink

2. It helps in weight loss. 

For all those who want to get rid of those extra kilos, try having coconut water. It is light on the stomach and has bio-active enzymes that help in digestion and boosting metabolism. You can have 3-4 glasses every day but be patient to see results.

3. It hydrates just like water.

Coconut water has electrolytes present in it making it a good agent of hydration. It can help keep you active and energized through the day.

4. It can prevent kidney stones.

Research has proved that having coconut water can prevent the accumulation of crystals in the kidney that need to be flushed out of the system. It can definitely reduce the amount of crystals deposited in the kidney which can lead to kidney stones that are damn painful.

5. It reduces blood pressure. 

Keep your blood pressure under control by adding coconut water to your diet. It is high in potassium and research shows that coconut water contains 600 mg of potassium in 240 ml which is quite good for improving blood pressure.

6. It reduces headache.

If you are suffering from a constant headache that is unbearable, have coconut water. It is rich in magnesium and hence, can reduce migraines

7. It regulates hair growth. 

Coconut water is equally beneficial for your hair growth. It can give your hair the smooth texture and shine that you have always wished for. Massaging coconut water on your scalp can improve blood circulation and nourishment making your hair longer and thicker.

8. It cures hangovers.

All you party animals, try having coconut water for your bad hangovers. It is natural and the best fluid (other than water of course) that provides the body with the hydration it requires.

9. It helps with pregnancy.

Consumption of coconut water during pregnancy can help reduce cramps, fatigue and dehydration. It can help with a smooth pregnancy during the significant months for all soon-to-be-moms.

10. It aides in treating Hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid problem is common these days and coconut water can improve this health condition as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

11. It strengthens bones. 

Coconut water provides nutrients required for maintaining the bone density and strength as research proves that it contains high amount of calcium and magnesium needed for bone health.

12. It balances pH levels of body.

Our body pH levels become highly acidic due to the presence of toxins in the environment which can lead to many illnesses. So, in order to prevent yourself from being bed-ridden, coconut water is best as it has an alkalizing effect that restores a healthy pH level in the body.

13. It aides in curing Alzheimer’s. 

Research shows that the presence of trans-zeatin (a cytokinin present in coconut water) can prevent the damage of brain cells and cure memory impairments.

14. It moisturizes the skin.

Applying coconut water on your skin can naturally hydrate you skin which otherwise becomes dry due to the sun, pollution and use of harsh soaps. And, the best part-it is light weighted so it won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

15. It helps to fight depression.

Surprising but, because coconut water is high in magnesium, it is proven to fight symptoms of depression. Drinking coconut water can uplift mood and keep your mind in a healthy state.

16. It can cure sleeplessness

Tired of dealing with insomnia? Drink coconut water to sleep like a log. Studies have shown that it contains GABA (neuro-transmitter that has a relaxing effect on the body) that can give you good sleep.

17. It can help in digestion

Coconut water contains 9% fiber which is really good for a smooth digestion. So, whenever you face acidity have some coconut water and see it works it’s magic.

18. It can help deal with muscle cramps

According to research, lack of potassium in the body causes muscle cramps and muscle spasms which can really be uncomfortable. So, if you want to get rid of the painful cramps have coconut water because as, mentioned earlier it is high in potassium content.

Go ahead and include coconut water in your daily diet to be healthy and hearty!