If you find yourself confined to your home thanks to the lockdown, it can be challenging to stay motivated and follow good habits. We get it — it can be both mentally and physically daunting to follow a routine. But, it’s possible, with some focus, a little commitment, and some tips that you should follow for a healthy and not-so-boring lockdown. 

1. Plan a routine

Being stuck all day at home can make you lazy and you may find it difficult to keep a daily routine. Fret not! Plan a routine you can follow everyday. Maintain a diary of the list of things you need to do. Make sure it’s not all work – make time for some exercise, meditation and even 8-hours of sleep every night. You can also plan different things for the weekend. 

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2. Get your daily dose of fresh air

Let the lockdown not keep you indoors. Boost your mental and physical health by going for a walk or a run. Take this time to observe nature or simply walk on grass and take in some fresh air. Getting out of the house will lift your spirit and will make you feel better after a long day in front of your laptop. 


3. Stay in touch with friends and family

We get it, it’s tough without having to meet your loved ones and friends. Nothing says, “I love you” like the smallest gestures in life. A simple ‘Good Morning!’ with a meaningful message will brighten up their day and make them feel less alone. Call them often or leave them messages through the day. After all, it’s all about putting in effort and making them smile.

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4. Set aside some time for exercise

Yes, yes, we all say we’ll start exercising and never get to it, but what better time than ‘lockdown time’ to squeeze in some exercise? You don’t have to do anything major. You could do stretches, yoga, weights, squats or even some dancing. Whatever makes you sweat it out a bit!

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5. Eat healthy

Start your day on a healthy note. Pamper yourself with some homemade breakfast. Avoid unnecessary snacking at odd hours of the day. Make sure to have early dinners and eat homemade food. Don’t forget to keep yourself well-hydrated. 

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6. Learn a new hobby

We’ve all had certain passions that took a back seat thanks to our demanding jobs. With the lockdown, you can challenge yourself to be motivated by learning a new hobby. Move over painting and doodling and try other crafts. You can try origami, jewelry making, baking or even learn a new language. Now is the time to do that one thing, you’ve always wanted to do. 

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7. Take a digital break

It is important to be ‘online’ but make sure to take a break from it. With the new “work from home” trend, it is difficult to disconnect and find a balance between the two. Plan time when you will be digitally connected and times when you will switch off from work. 

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We hope these tips will help set a tone to maintain a healthy lifestyle.