Over 600 cases of Swine Flu have been reported in Delhi so, it’s time for you to be alert and take precautions. There is no surety on how you can avoid falling prey to this growing epidemic but you can certainly take precautions. So, here are 8 easy steps that you follow to tackle the flu virus.  

1. Every morning, have five duly washed leaves of Tulsi.

The therapeutic properties of tulsi helps to keep your lungs and throat clear and it also aides in strengthening the immune system. 


2. Have a small piece of camphor once or twice a month. 

Just swallow a small piece of camphor to strengthen your immunity. But, don’t have it more than twice a month. 


3. Swallow two thin slices of raw garlic every morning. 

Cut two slices of raw garlic and swallow it with lukewarm water. Garlic too has the capacity to strengthen one’s immune system. 


4. Drink lukewarm milk every night with a pinch of turmeric in it. 

Milk and turmeric combined work wonders for strengthening the immune system.


5. Have a teaspoon of aloe vera gel with water daily in the morning. 

Just mix a tablespoon of aloe vera gel with water and drink it up. Aloe vera gel will do wonders not only for your skin and joint pains but, it will also boost your immunity. 


6. Do Pranayama daily or go for a morning jog/walk regularly. 

It is important to do some amount of exercise regularly to keep your throat and lungs in good condition. Working out will improve your body’s resistance against all such diseases that attack the nose, throat or lungs. 


7. Have citrus fruits that are rich in Vitamin C.

It is advisable to increase the intake of citrus fruits especially those that are high in Vitamin C content like amla or oranges. You can also buy some amla juice. 


8. Wash your hands frequently every day.

Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly, especially, before and after each meal. Even if you have returned from a public place or used a public transport you need to wash your hands for at least 15 to 20 seconds with soap. You can also keep a hand sanitizer handy.  


Take good care of your health. 

Note: Please consult a doctor immediately if you are suspicious of your health.