Depression is – but not limited to – a feeling of hopelessness. It is a pervasive feeling that makes you feel dejected and disconnected with the things that you once enjoyed doing. When someone is depressed, everything feels like a chore. Nothing feels enjoyable. You feel a sense of hollowness even when it comes to expressing your emotions. This definitely is not a healthy state to be in so, here are 8 simple techniques that can help in overcoming depression. Depression can be battled so, its never too late to try. 

1. It is okay to ask for help. Look for support from people who care about you and make you feel safe. You should be able to confide in them without feeling like you are being judged.

2. Don’t isolate yourself from others, keep yourself busy and fix your focus on something that you love to do or have been wanting to do. This way you will distract yourself from paying attention to negative thoughts.

3. Journal your thoughts before going to bed to clear your mind. Don’t repress your emotions. It is good to be aware of how you feel.

4. Indulge in activities that will relax and energize you. Don’t overthink too much. Overthinking will do you no good but, having a calm, peaceful mind surely will. It will help you think in the right direction. So, do things you enjoy or used to enjoy.

5. Get moving. Take a walk. Go out for a stroll. Do some exercises. Have a good satisfying meal. Visualize a happy memory. Do whatever it takes to stay positive.

6. Learn to appreciate the little things in life. Learn to forgive and don’t be hard on yourself. Learning to appreciate, will change your outlook on how you perceive things in your life. It may be hard for you to do this in the beginning but, you have to keep trying. This will really make a huge difference.

7. Surround yourself with people who are positive because even this impacts your mood. Learn to embrace change. Things can really become toxic otherwise.

8. Get enough sleep because insomnia can also lead to depression. Make sure your mind and body gets enough rest. Try meditating if you have trouble sleeping. It will calm your mind.

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Never give up!