When it comes to society judging the purity of a woman, her ‘virginity’ plays a major role. A concept that was introduced and mass manufactured to the world so that women learn to rein in their sexuality. 


These ideas placed so much importance on the hymen, that a lot of us believed that no hymen = no virginity. Even in 2017, there are hymen reconstructing surgeries so that women who have lost their virginity can get it back. But we couldn’t be more wrong. 

So get a little knowledge here and learn the things you probably didn’t know about your hymen: 

1. The hymen doesn’t break the first time you have sex.

Contrary to popular belief, the hymen does not always break after the first time you have had sex. In fact, even if it does, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have lost your virginity. Because virginity is just a concept that we have been conditioned to believe in. 


2. Regular activities can tear your hymen. 

Yes, that’s true. Vigorous physical activities like horse riding, long jump, cycling and doing full splits can also tear your hymen. And no, it doesn’t mean you have already lost your virginity. 


3. All women are not born with it. 

While most women are born with a hymen, there are a handful of women who do not have hymens. It’s completely normal and it is quite all right to not have it.


4. Your hymen is not the gatekeeper to your vagina. 

Everyone will tell you that your hymen is what stands between the penis getting into your vagina. But ladies, this random lie was created to keep you from having sex, and it couldn’t be more wrong.


5. They come in different sizes.

That’s right. Just like vaginas, your hymen comes in different shapes and sizes as well. Some hymens cover half the vagina, some cover the entire vagina and some are non-existent.  


6. Much like your vagina, the hymen also has elasticity. 

When a penis enters the vagina for the first time, the hymen stretches along with the vagina. Hence, it means that it instead of tearing, like many people believe, it just stretches to accommodate the penis. 


7. If you’re scared of ‘tearing’ it during your first time, you can do it beforehand by masturbation. 

If you think you will have a pool of blood when a penis enters you, you couldn’t be more wrong. But if you’re scared, all you got to do is start masturbating using fingers or a dildo. This readies the hymen for penetration. 


8. It can stretch back to its original position after a while. 

After the unfortunate dry spell, your hymen can go back to its original position. Like we said, the hymen stretches, and with inactivity, it goes back to its original shape and size. 


9. After tearing, it does not necessarily go away.

Oh yes, it means that your hymen is probably still inside you. It stretches and finds a place somewhere in the general vaginal area, and stays there for a very long time. Probably, your entire life. 


10. It is hard to find a hymen. 

In the glorious chaos of flaps, labia and hair, your hymen can be quite tricky to point out. However, every body is different and the size of your hymen is different as well. 


It’s time you stopped believing the lie about virginity because it’s nothing more than a carefully orchestrated lie manufactured by society to keep you from having sex.