Thanks to the lockdown and work-from-home scenario, days and nights seemed to have merged, leaving most of us taking naps at random hours, instead of a good 8 hours of sleep at night.

Not to worry, here are some tips that will make sure you sleep at the right time and wake up at the right time.   

01. Make sure that your bed, mattress and pillows are of A grade material, since poor quality bedding can increase health issues.

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02. Reduce caffeine intake 


03. Keep a check on daytime naps 


04. Have an early dinner 

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05. Make a conscious effort to regularise your sleeping cycle.

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06. Maximize bright light exposure during the day and minimize blue light exposure in the evening explain how to achieve this in 1 line. 


07. Take a relaxing shower before bedtime.


08. Work out regularly, although not before the bedtime. 

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09. Chamomile Tea before bedtime will soothe you to sleep. 

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10. A little calming background music can work wonders.


11. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol reduces the quality of your sleep.

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12. Meditation really helps. 

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13. Calibrate your bedroom lighting for comfortable sleep. Even though too much light is a bad thing, an optimum intensity can be helpful.


14. Maintain social distancing with phone, laptops & tablets when you know you should be zzzz.

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15. Sleep in your birthday suit! Studies reveal that sleeping naked increases blood circulation, which helps you fall into deep slumber easily.

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Sleep tight!