Sponsored by Yes Bank

Imagine a life where the basics were not free. What if one had to work a great deal for a handful of clean water or to breathe in clean air? In this hectic hustle-bustle we live in, we often forget how precious these resources are. Moreover, the fight for a decent share of these precious resources has escalated over the years. Turns out that our carefree attitude and ignorance have blocked the view, and eventually, will have grave effects on the society at large. And, you never know when we might run out of these much-needed resources. 

b’Due to inequitable distribution of resources amongst the humankind, the people living in slums suffer the most. Hence, an equilibrium has to be maintained in order to sustain our environment, and also for the sake of future generations.’

In order to address this alarming problem and bring a rational change in the environment, YES Bank has taken an initiative to make clean water available for consumption on a large scale, which includes rural households, urban slums, and railway stations. For instance, it has also partnered with Indian Railways and installed water purification systems at approximately 300 railway stations. It has also partnered up with Delhi Jal Board for installing water ATMs (a unique concept adopted by the bank to serve clean drinking water) in Delhi. Moreover, the initiative also focuses on many other social welfare benefits like sensitizing health communities, supplementary education, sanitation by conducting workshops etc. This initiative is, perhaps the ultimate epiphany on how we take our resources for granted and we still have time for preserving them. Watch this video because if this can’t change your mind on bringing a sustainable change in the environment, then we don’t know what will.