Most people don’t understand how difficult it is to to speak up about mental health, without being misjudged, or misrepresented. Thankfully, these 10 Instagram accounts are changing the way we talk about mental illness through art, photos and words. 

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1. Make Daisy Chains 

The account with over 50k followers, is managed by Hannah Daisy who is an artist, illustrator and mental health activist. 

Even if you feel no future, it’s a massive gain to be curious what will happen. 🌈 [image description: a one page comic strip featuring two cats. The page is split in two horizontally. The top picture shows a white cat curled up on the floor sat on a lilac rug. The floor and walls are pink. There is a blue chest of draws behind white cat, to the right of the daring us a green table, yellow bin, cheese plant, a mobile phone and headphones. To the left of white cat there some tissues and other small things. You can see the top of brown cats head looking a white cat saying “I know hope is hard to imagine….” the bottom image shows white cat looking shocked. The background is pink. The speech bubble from brown cat (who is not visible) says “how about being curious about the future?”] #mentalhealthrecovery

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2. Sad Girls Club  

The account is managed by Elyse Fox, a well-known indie filmmaker and mental health activist who has been an influential voice around mental illness in the west. While Sad Girls Club has around 32k followers, Elyse, herself, has about 20k followers and uses her social platform to raise awareness. 

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3. Beth Draws Things

Artist and author Beth Evans has over 254k followers on her Instagram account that illustrates themes like anxiety, depression and therapy. The artwork is 100% relatable and has you connecting with Beth on a human level. 

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4. The Latest Kate 

One of the cutest Instagram accounts around mental health, The Latest Kate has over 24k followers on the photo-sharing app and illustrates cute animals to encourage a positive conversation around the mental health stigma. 

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5. Let’s Talk About Mental Health 

The account is an extension of 12 Kinds of Kindess, both of which are managed by Jessica V Walsh, a well known brand and content strategist. The idea behind Walsh’s account is simple; that 1 in 4 people have mental health issues and so we need to end the stigma by sharing experiences and encouraging the talk. 

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6. Broken Light Collective 

A non-profit photography collective, the Broken Light Co is a community that aims to inspire people suffering with mental issues through their photography. Founded by Danielle Hark the account has around 1300 followers but leaves an indelible impression on its followers, through visual representation. 

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7. Project 1 in 4 

A digital project started by Marissa Betley, Project 1 In 4 is a creative organisation dedicated to fighting the stigma and raising awareness around mental health in a way that brings real life stories to the front. The Instagram account has over 11k followers and aims to get followers to relate through the minimalist sketches. 

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8. Buddy Project 

This one-of-a-kind non-profit organisation aims at creating awareness to prevent suicide by connecting people and pairing them up into a buddy system. The account has over 14k followers and posts simple textual illustrations that reinstate faith and positivity for followers. 

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9. No Stigmas 

The global peer-led movement is aimed at erasing the stigma around mental illness and advocating awareness around suicide through their education and available support systems. 


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10. Marcela Sabiá 

Marcela is a Brazilian artist, illustrator, writer and a self-love/mental health/body positivity enthusiast. Through her illustrations, she encourages her Instagram followers to keep the faith and stay inspired. 

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