Celebrity make-up artist and beauty influencer Leena Bhushan has amassed an impressive digital following of over 755k. However, recently internet users were quick to call her out over an insensitive remark regarding mental health.

In an Instagram story, the MUA bared her thoughts on depression and it did not sit well with the internet. She reduced the serious cognitive threat into a meagre “fancy word,” and dismissed it as an unimportant problem not worth seeking professional help over. In her wildly ignorant statement, she advised her followers to, “Pretend to be happy until you genuinely feel happy.” 

Redditor thought her views were strange and posted it on the platform saying, “I found it very weird that it’s not in hand of Doctors basically? Isn’t it misleading?”

Others agreed:

In a society where mental health stigma continues to be increasingly prevalent, such brain-dead statements from public figures continue to perpetuate harmful stereotypes that undermine the issue. Contrary to what Bhushan believes, depression is not voluntary and a serious threat to your psychological well being.