Stretching in my yoga pants, showing off my honed abs and green juicing my way to a healthy lifestyle always seemed like a far-fetched dream to me.    

Living a fast-paced millennial life is hard. We sit in front of our computer screens for hours, shooting one mail after the other, hoisting ourselves up and down the office elevator and making sure we secure a bright future—no matter how dark the circles under our eyes get. Y'all feel me?  

Thankfully, Moov, our go-to pain-relief saviour released some eye-opening facts about working professionals stated that around 8/10 people may suffer from back pain due to long, seated working hours. Okay, I need to do some stretching in between work hours and y'all should too! They also stated that around 7/10 people who drive a car may suffer from knee pain and 8/10 mobile users may suffer from neck pain due to frequent mobile usage. Alarming much?        

Of course, you can't earn a healthy and fit body without putting in a little effort and that's why #MakeAMoov deemed 'fitness' as not just a word but an essential pillar to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.  

Moov was silently listening to all our woes related to inactive lifestyle and tapped into the #FitIndiaMovement to make a change. Through #MakeAMoov challenge, Moov amassed more than 10,000 fitness videos where people came forward to encourage fitness amongst young and the older generation.  

In case you missed it, your favourite celebrities came forward to ace the #MakeAMoov challenge and through this unique campaign, launched the all-new Moov Advance Gel with Diclofenac which provides fast and long-lasting relief from acute pain.    

Malaika Arora 

Arjun Rampal

Rakul Preet Singh

Anita Hassanandani

The good news is that this habit of nagging discomfort doesn’t have to rule your life as this new product with Diclofenac is a pro at treating acute pain! So, the next time your back bothers you from spending too much time sitting down and reading fitness articles like these, you know what to apply, right?