Despite medical progress, information and awareness about mental health is still not as widespread as it ought to be. But just like our physical health, our mental health also deserves our attention and care. 

Here are some Instagram accounts that work towards spreading information about mental health issues, and help erase the illogical taboo that still exists around mental health problems: 

1. Mental Health Talks India

Co-founders Adishi and Ayushi wanted to ‘initiate talks around mental health in India’, and create a safe space for dialogue around mental health issues, without the fear of judgement. They share personal stories and spread awareness about mental health through their posts. 

2. Kaha Mind

An online counselling platform for individuals and organizations, the main purpose of Kaha Mind is to make mental health care ‘effortless’, while also raising awareness about different mental health issues. Know more about them here

3. That Feminist Girl (Aqsa)

A mental health advocate, she uses her account to talk about abuse, call out toxic behaviour in the society, and raise awareness about various issues surrounding mental health. 

4. Mental Health Foundation India

MHFI is a not-for-profit organization that works towards creating a safe space for people with mental illness and raises awareness about mental health in India. They post updates about various conventions on mental health on their Instagram page, while also explaining abusive patterns etc. Know more about it here

5. Youth for Mental Health

As the name suggests they focus on the Indian youth while working for ‘mental health advancement’ by conducting workshops, awareness campaigns, etc. Know more about them here

6.  Sonaksha

An illustrator, writer and graphic designer, Sonaksha ‘explores questions’ around mental health through her art. Know more about her here.

7. The Artidote

The purpose of this group is to heal and support through art, and today, it has become one of the most popular mental health accounts on Instagram.

Mental health is an issue that often remains in the shadows, harming people, because many of us still do not know how to seek help, offer support, and spread awareness. Accounts such as these are a small step in the right direction. It is crucial that people facing mental health issues find the right kind of medical care and adequate support. Because empathy and support go a long way.