Coronavirus is not leaving our lives anytime soon. The frontline warriors are fighting for us day and night. Many countries are unable to control the spread of the virus but what we can do is control the spread of myths and fake information.  

Myths and facts about masks, face shields and gloves-



– Everyone does not need an N95 or surgical mask, they are necessary for frontline warriors.

– Not all masks are reusable, surgical masks should be disposed properly after single use. Cloth masks should be washed properly after a single use.
– If you are sick or have symptoms of the virus, wear the mask inside your home, to ensure the safety of the other members in your house.
– Cloth masks should have multiple layers or the material used to make cloth masks should be thick. These masks should be wide enough to cover the nose, mouth and chin.
– According to Dr. Rossana Rosa face masks are not a shield against coronavirus, maintaining social distance is important even after we put on a mask.
– Some Covid-19 patients are asymptomatic but they can still spread the virus by coughing or sneezing that is why wearing a mask while going outside is important.
– Wearing a mask doesn’t make us corona safe. You should not touch your eyes, face.
– Wearing the mask properly is important, the mask is for covering the mouth and nose tightly. Getting a proper mask is a must.
– Do not forget to wash your hands properly after removing the mask.

Face Shields  


– As per Dr Behram Pardiwala, an internal medicine expert of Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai only professionals who are doing throat tests, taking samples of the infected patients or are in other others professionals close to Covid-19 patients need to wear a face shield. Healthcare workers require a face shield the most.

– According to Dr. Pardiwala the cops and shopkeepers don’t need face shields because they can maintain a distance of 6 feet.    



– Wearing gloves while shopping will not contain the virus, as told by experts from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), America

– If someone is using gloves, removing and disposing them properly is very important. Washing hands is a must after removing gloves.
– Gloves are important for healthcare workers because they are near patients.
– As per some experts, gloves or no gloves, when a person is touching something, they are transmitting microorganisms.
– Gloves also reduce the importance of washing hands.

Stay safe Humans!