Markets today are inundated with beauty products for wrinkle-free skin, blemish-free skin, yada yada.

But in the era of our mothers and grandmothers, these creams were barely present. They were the proud supporters of the au naturale movement and they used only natural ingredients for any kind of skin ailment or treatment. Mixing it up and often grinding things into a fine paste, this was the secret of their perfect skin. And evidently, it worked for them and how. 

So instead of applying all those chemicals on your face, here are some natural alternatives that still work wonders. 

1. Milk

We’ve all heard rumours of Cleopatra diving in a pool of milk, right? Well, turns out that her beauty ritual is one of the most efficient one till date. The good ol’ milk is full of the richest nutrients and proteins. The lactic acid in milk helps reduce pigmentation. It also keeps the skin glowing, hydrates it and relieves sunburn as well. 


2. Saffron

It’s one of the most expensive spices there is, and for good reason. Not only is it an effective aphrodisiac, it’s also amazing for your skin. It fights off acne, evens skin tone, makes the skin glow and feel as supple as a baby’s bottom. 


3. Turmeric

The West might have laid claim to Turmeric Latte, but we know Indians had it first. From the common cold to stomach problems, it is the cure for everything. It also has amazing skin benefits. It has magical anti-inflammatory qualities that protect the skin from acne outbursts. It is also known to prevent wrinkles and it can cure stretch marks as well. 


4. Moong Dal 

Yup, the moong dal you eat is actually great for your skin. A powerful anti-aging agent, moong daal reduces the presence of wrinkles like magic. The copper in the dal also provides an unusual glow to the face. What’s more? It’s also great to eat and helps lose a ton of weight. 


5. Honey

There’s nothing better than honey. Every natural, homemade face pack you make has copious amounts of honey in it. It’s great for your skin and is the best way to relieve sunburn. It fights acne, it is amazing for chapped lips and it helps even the skin tone. With so many great properties packed into one, this should be on everyone’s shelves. 


6. Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Soil)

An excellent exfoliator, it can put life into your skin just after one use. It helps revive the skin’s glow and makes it healthy. The best part is that it works great for both oily and dry skin. If you have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads, Multani mitti is your go-to. 


7. Pearl Powder

Chinese royalty used pearl powder to brighten their faces, and till date, it is one of the most effective beauty rituals for a brighter, shinier skin. In fact, a lot of beauty products have now started using pearl powder in their products. Who knew, right? 


8. Dead Sea Mud 

Rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium, the mud from the Dead Sea has been used since time immemorial for every skin ailment. A face mask with the mud can minimize pores, wrinkles, and facial lines. It also promotes blood circulation on the face and cleanses toxins. 


9. Sandalwood

A key ingredient in many ayurvedic concoctions, sandalwood is one of the most effective components of skin care rituals. Mix it with milk and get soft and glowing skin. It also works great as a face pack. Additionally, it is also used as a remedy for skin irritation and allergies.


10. Curd 

Dive right into a bowl of curd because trust us, it’ll do wonders for your skin. The lactic acid in curd exfoliates the skin. Other essential proteins, fats, and vitamins nourish the skin and give it an enviable glow. 


11. Besan (Gram flour)

The zinc in besan helps fight infections and prevents acne. It also helps in removing tan and exfoliating dead skin away. A face pack with besan and yogurt can also reduce oiliness in the skin. 


Think it’s time to go au naturale?